Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Season for Hope by Sarra Cannon


"I think it's time we both moved on, Bailey.  The past three years have been amazing, but I feel like I'm changing.  I want different things than I wanted a few years ago."
That's what Preston, Bailey's boyfriend for three years tells her the day before Thanksgiving.  Bailey is heart broken - skipping classes and missing work.  Luckily though she has an awesome best friend, Monica, as her roommate.
"Breaking up sucks balls.  I get it.  But there's more to life than Preston fucking Wright."  Monica
I really think Bailey knew that at the time, she's was stronger than she thought herself to be - and when she thought about the relationship she had with Preston, I think deep down she knew she was better off without him.  She decides to pick herself up and leave her apartment - her best decision ever!
"It's time, you did a good 'Bella Swan in the woods after Edward left' impression, now it's time to rejoin the land of the living and prove to him he made a huge mistake."  Monica
Going to work she literally runs into med student, Judd Kohler.... twice in one day - fate? karma?
See - good decision - and from there her life gets interesting and scary all at the same time.  Her feelings for Judd develop quickly, but it scares her - and she's unsure of herself.  This isn't a fling for Judd and he knows about her past relationship.
"I just didn't want you to wake up in the morning and feel like you'd made a huge mistake.  If I ever take you to my bed, I want it to be because you really want to be there.  And I don't want you to have any reason to regret it"  Judd

Really??? - Judd is proving himself to be awesome boyfriend material.
"It's amazing how fast someone can enter your life and start to change everything.  Amazing and terrifying all at once."  Bailey
I really enjoyed this book a lot.  I sometimes have a hard time getting into novella's because they are short and things seemed rushed - but not this story - I felt like I got a lot of history and the story actually moved at a pace that seemed believable.  I loved Judd and Bailey's story - it just shows that when you least expect something - sometimes that's when the very best things can happen. 

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