Monday, September 22, 2014

Crown's Chance at Love (Six Degrees #1) by Mayra Statham

Crown's Chance at Love (Book 1 of Six Degrees Series)

I couldn't even imagine how it must have been for Sabrina to open her door one Tuesday, and have her life altered so dramatically with the unexpected death of her husband.  She was strong though, she had to be for her three kids, she got them and herself through it - and almost four years later she was still fine.  She had her mantra to live by:

The problem was, her family and friends knew she wasn't the same woman she used to be.  Then, everything changed for Sabrina when she unexpectedly "bumped" into Mike.  For her a chance encounter, for Mike - not so much.

I have to say that for me, the first half of the book seemed to move a little slow, but the second half more than made up for it.  I think I felt like it moved slower the first half because that's exactly how Mike and Sabrina were taking their new relationship.  Sabrina was worried about moving too fast into something with Mike, she had the kids to worry about - that included a very busy life.  Mike was taking it slow, mainly because he was keeping a huge secret from Sabrina that could totally change her mind about how she felt towards him.  The problem for Mike kept being he never felt the time was right to open up - but he couldn't take things too far, without telling her the connection he had towards her husband's death.  I was tied up in knots, waiting for the truth to come out, screaming at Mike to "tell her already, tell her everything!!"

Sabrina felt Mike was holding something back, plus she had her own doubts feeling like she was bringing so much "baggage" to the relationship.  Of course along the way the truth inevitably comes out, and Sabrina has decisions and choices to make.

Even with all the forgiveness that Sabrina gave to Mike, he now doubted whether he deserved to have her.  Oh gosh, my heart totally broke when Mike finally tried to push Sabrina away for the last time.  Ugh, I seriously felt all of her pain and heart ache.  I didn't see how this could ever be fixed.

 But Sabrina, who was truly one of the most amazing and truly forgiving woman I have ever seen - rises above it all, and finds her happiness.  She truly knew that

 Sabrina is truly one of the most forgiving women I have ever seen, who rises above it all, and finds her well-deserved happiness.  This was really a sweet, sexy story (because let me say, there were some hot scenes!) of how forgiveness can heal a soul and of finding love when you least expect it.  So glad I had the opportunity to read this book, and look forward to seeing who the next story will be about.

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