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Afraid to Fall (Dennison #1) by W. Ferraro - @AuthorWFerraro

Afraid to Fall (Dennison Series #1)
Delaney is a single mom, moving to a new town with her infant son in hopes of getting a fresh start on life.  She's strong and determined, and knows she'll be okay once she gets her and Jacob settled.  Things start off rocky though when her car gets stuck in the snow and she hasn't even reached her new home yet.  Luckily someone comes to her rescue, and gets her pulled out - and make sure she gets to her house safely.  Little does she know that this stranger who helped her, is the sheriff who also happens to be her neighbor.

Gage is driving home, and notices a car stuck in the snow.  He decides to stop and help, and with this act of kindness - he doesn't even realize how his life is about to change.  Well, maybe he might have an inkling once he notices Delaney, and feels an attraction to her - but also realizes she is going to be his new neighbor.

Right away, he instantly feels a need to look out for her and her son.  This is totally throwing him off, because he is not interested in any relationship - after being cheated on by his ex-wife and best friend.  At least he thinks he's not looking for more from Delaney.

Delaney has been burned too, and she is no state of mind to rush into any relationship.  She does notice Gage though, with his looks, there's no denying he's attractive.  There's an attraction between these two  that has to be addressed - and thankfully they give each other a chance to see what's there.  The problem becomes when Gage gets scared of his feelings - and his reactions to Delaney and his comments to her are hurtful.   He doesn't trust easily.

When Gage and Delaney are together and things are going well - they are beautiful together.  The way he takes care of her, and helps with Jacob are sweet and loving.  The problem becomes when Gage gets scared of his feelings - and his reactions to Delaney and his comments to her are hurtful.   He doesn't trust easily - and doubts sometimes overwhelm him, and honestly - he acts like a complete ass.

I really felt bad for Delaney when Gage went off on her - he said some really crappy things to her - and I just wanted to smack him.  I was so glad she stood up for herself.  If they were ever going to work out, he needed to trust her.   He just wasn't ready to do that totally - so she had to end it.

I love a great romance that includes a hot, sexy guy getting involved with a woman with a child - and I really enjoyed this book - even with the push and pull between these two.  I totally understood where Gage was coming from, and his fear - and I was glad for the strength that Delaney showed.  Even though Gage was an ass some of the time - he made up for it all in the end with his words and actions.  Ending up with a beautiful hea.

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