Friday, October 10, 2014

Locke (Corps Security #5) by Harper Sloane - @harpersloan

Locke (Corps Security, #5)
This was me, pretty much since the end of the Axel.

From the start of the series I have been patiently waiting, wanting to know everything possible about Maddox Locke.  His demons, his secrets - everything!  And, finally we get his and Em's story - and I never even imagined it would ever be as bad as it was for both of them.

For months, I've been wanting these two to get together - hoping, wishing and praying.  Ugh, Maddox - damn stubborn fool.  Em laid out her heart wide open for him - handed it to him on a platter, and he still couldn't let her in - couldn't take the chance.  But, now I know why - and could understand it better knowing his past.

Em - let me just say for the record - one of the strongest women in the series.  Her past may be even more tragic than Maddox's - and the way she forged ahead, going forward - trying to not look back was amazing.  You really got to see how important Zeke was to her, and how he practically saved her life.

Theirs is not an easy love story, it comes with a lot of learning to trust, taking chances, letting go - and one great "smackdown".  Plus, we get all the Corps Security guys and their women.  But the best is we get Sway and Cohen, for a few small moments, at their very best - using their glitter and capes, and honest words or wisdom to really make Maddox realize what's important.


I have to say I'm very sad this part of the series is over - but I'm sure that Cohen will lead the way to something new and amazing!

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