Sunday, December 14, 2014

This Christmas (Christmas in New York #1) by Jeannie Moon

This Christmas
Finding love for the first time, and then having your heart broken at such a young age, is difficult for anyone.  But add being pregnant on to that, Sabrina was left to handle things the best way she saw fit.  And that was by not telling Jake he was a father.

Unexpectedly though, ten years later, Jake shows up in her life again - and now Sabrina has some explaining to do.  Not only to Jake, but to her daughter, who wasn't aware of who her father was.

This was a sweet, second chance love story between two people, who find the feelings they once had all those years ago, are still there and can't be denied.  But, forgiveness must come first.  It's also the story of a father and daughter meeting and getting to know each other, and love each other so easily.  How Jake interacts with Charlie will totally melt you heart.

Sometimes Christmas wishes do come true!

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