Monday, January 13, 2014

Long Way Home by Ann Vaughn

Long Way Home
Shane McCanton and Tessa Kelly were childhood enemies. Everything was a contest to them and Tessa always seemed to show Shane that nice guys finished last. Things change, however, when hormones take over and Shane begins to see the perpetual thorn-in-his-side as more than just his childhood nemesis...
Tessa had never meant to set into motion events that led to their childhood rivalry, but once it started, she embraced it with gusto - until her world started to fall apart and she realized that Shane was the one constant in her life, her rock who would never leave her and help her find her Long Way Home..

I loved this story.  I loved how Shane and Tessa met in kindergarten – and she just knew he was the “one” – although his reply to their future was classic…

"You’re Nuts!”
I enjoyed the growth and changes in their relationship as they grew into teenagers – and finally discovered the feelings they had for each other.  It was always Shane for Tessa.  Even as they went their separate ways after college – they always held the love they had for each other deep in their hearts.
But there’s so much more involved in this book – it totally caught me off guard.  -without giving too much away of the story - some of the situations might be difficult for some people to read, but everything was handled in a careful manner.  Theirs wasn’t an all hearts and flowers relationship all the time – there were situations that happened, that were just too big to overcome – at least I believed so.

I really enjoy Ann Vaughn’s writing style.  I read her Christmas book and knew I just had to see what else she wrote – and I was in no means disappointed.  Now I’m off to read Finding Home – and can’t wait to see how this story plays out.

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