Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Way Back to Me by K.L. Conlon & T.D. Waesch

The Way Back To Me
Lexi Reynolds is facing a game changer. Three years ago, under the insistence of her husband, she walked away from a promising career as a special education specialist with her eyes set on becoming an administrator so that she could be a stay-at-home wife and mother. Now with the demise of her marriage along with her self-esteem and heart, Lexi must face the task of building a new life.

Layla Karsten is not one to sit idly on the side lines. Seeing the crushed spirit of her sister, Lexi, she is bound and determined to push her sister back in life....even if it means tapping into Lexi's inner slut to do it.

Wow, I loved this book right from the beginning. Lexi is amazing - newly divorced at 39, with three girls 10 and under. She had put her dream on hold for her husband, and he ends up cheating on her with someone half his age.  She's still reeling, but her sister Layla is not standing for it.  While her kids are spending spring break with her ex - Lexi is heading to Texas to visit her sister.

Layla and Lexi together are priceless - they are best friends and loyal to the bone to each other.  Layla is ready for Lexi's visit with a plan to get Lexi back in the game - a fitness regime, a diet, a new haircut, and a new spicy book series for Lexi to read. Seriously, when these two are together - they are definitely trouble!

Lexi's trip to Texas turns in to more than she could ever have imagined, with the new people she meets on her way there, and while she's there. Her life starts to change in ways that she could have never imagined.  As she returns to Kansas, the changes and people she's met since her trip - alter her life - and make things a lot more interesting and challenging for her to say the least.

I don't want to give to much away about the story - there were so many moments in this book that I just had to laugh or smile - between the cute things her daughter said, the crazy things her sister said or did, the confrontations she faced, and the hot things the men said and did. Lets just say, I could not put this book down until it was finished!  Lexi might have been cheated on - but she was not defeated - she picked herself up, and found herself again.  This book totally had me guessing until the very end as to how it would finish - and I was not disappointed with the ending at all!!

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