Friday, January 17, 2014

Permanent Lines by Ashley Wilcox

Permanent Lines

The disclaimer from Merrick couldn’t be farther from the truth!  He definitely didn’t act like you would expect a man to act.  I guess I just don’t see a man as the one to fall head over heels right away for someone.  There was a lot of him pining over Amelia, after their first two days together – and when he finally unexpectedly runs into her – all hell breaks loose.
There is a lot happens once they meet up again, and I think sometimes I felt like it all was just a little too rushed for me.  Merrick definitely loved Amelia, and the feelings were returned, although there were so many things they had to tackle through to get to the other side.  It sometimes felt a little over the top for me, but if you like “love at first date” stories, that are very fast paced – then this book will be for you.

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