Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Captured in Croatia by Christine Edwards

Captured in Croatia
It just keeps getting better and better with Christine Edward's books.  This book had me hooked from the beginning - especially once Zoran, in his incredibly sexy Croatian accent,  uttered the words...
"You're mine now, princeza."
After Zoran frees her out of her crashed car that she's trapped in, Carew can't decide if he is her captor or rescuer.  No way is Zoran returning her to his boss - he knows what Juric will do to her and Zoran has no intention of any more harm coming to her.  At the bar he was immediately attracted to her, she's exactly what he's been waiting for.  So he takes her back to his home - where no woman has been invited before.
Zoran doesn't mess around either - he's all sexy Dom and he's straight with Carew right from the beginning.  If she doesn't do what he asks.....well, there are consequences.  Consequences that bring both pain and pleasure.  Carew doesn't want to give in, she's stubborn as hell - and she'll gladly pay the consequences for her defiance, and along the way she starts to fall for Zoran and all that he can give her.  But the future is unclear, as to whether he'll let her go home or he'll keep her for himself - or will either be an option.
I totally fell in love with Zoran.  Even with all his dominating ways - he continually showed how much he truly cared for Carew.  The best part is always when a kick-ass, strong-willed heroine like Carew, finally submits to a Dom like Zoran, who will treasure what she is giving to them by submitting.  I absolutely loved the romantic suspense storyline of this book - and as always I'll be anticipating the next book from Christine Edwards!

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