Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Infamous Ellen James (Infamous #1) by N.A. Alcorn

The Infamous Ellen James (Infamous, #1)
OMG - where has this book been hiding - and why am I now just finding out about it???  I absolutely LOVED this book!  I have never laughed, chuckled, smirked and smiled while reading a book - like I have during this book.  Ellie and Amy are freaking nuts - crazy hilarious best friends.  Not only that, they are nurses - and the situations these two face together, had me shaking my head - laughing at their responses and comments. They are so much fun - it made me jealous that I wasn't part of their friendship, because they would be so awesome to hang around with.
Then there's Dr. Thrust Me - or was it Dr. Hammer - or you could call him Trent.  How can I describe him...well he's basically a "superhero" - or parts of him are - but basically he's "Perfection".  Why? - because he wants Ellie, he goes after her - and he shows how much he's into her - and the best part is that he loves her personality and her craziness.  He laughs at her, with her - and even encourages her to be even crazier.
If you need a read to lighten things up from those darker, angsty books you've been reading - you definitely need to read this book - and get ready for your cheeks to hurt from all the smiling and laughing you're about to experience - you won't be disappointed!!

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