Friday, April 4, 2014

Picture Perfect (Limelight #2) by Elisabeth Grace

Picture Perfect (Limelight, #2)
After their first brief, scorching meeting in a bar - both are shocked, to say the least to find out that Skye has been hired to be Landon's personal assistant.  Skye doesn't want to do anything to ruin her new job and possibly damage her father's name as he runs for Senate.  She's also trying to prove she's independent and doesn't need her parents money to get by.  Landon is worried about crossing the line as her boss, and as the owner of the Public Relations firm, he has a reputation to uphold - but he can't get the way she felt against him when they kissed at the bar out of his mind.
Wow!  There is definitely a ton of chemistry between Landon and Skye - and the sexual tension as they try not to cross the line between boss and employee becomes a serious challenge that is impossible to overcome.  Taking a business trip together puts them in more situations together and things definitely heat up between the two of them.
 This is definitely a lighter read, with some seriously hot scenes (Landon has figured out the very best way to drink Champagne for sure!) - with a few twists and turns along the way - as they get to know each other, while hiding the fact from everyone that they are together - not to mention other outside forces that seem to make their relationship difficult to work out.  I'm really enjoying reading this series - and definitely look forward to the next book with Katie - because she is going to be something else!

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