Friday, June 6, 2014

Seducing the Bridesmaid (Wedding Dare #3) by Katee Robert

Seducing The Bridesmaid (Wedding Dare, #3)
Regan is sure that the best man, Logan, is going to be the perfect groomsman for her to hook up with, and maybe even find long term with.  He runs his own company, is a hard worker, athletic and sexy.  So she sets her sights on trying to get his attention.

There's only one problem with this - and his name is Brock.  After Regan meets him she can describe him in 3 words.
At least this is what she thinks he is.  She's making assumptions about him being some smooth talking southern boy, that comes from "old money" - he works for his daddy, just enjoying the title of VP at the company and really not doing any work.

Brock knows what she thinks about him, a lot of people share those thoughts.  He's not really what everyone sees, but he's going to let Regan assume she knows him.  He'll play the game, even encourage her.  Brock wants her, he knows her type and she's in denial about the crazy attraction between them.  Regan sure does try to push his buttons, but he doesn't get ratttled easily.  These two trade barbs with each other like crazy.
"But let's be honest.
I'd ruin you for other women,
and I'm just too nice to do that
 to an adorable thing like you."

"Woman, you're as mean as a copperhead.
 Come here and let's find
out if you're as cold-blooded."
At times I really wanted to smack Regan with how she treated Brock - constantly making fun of him.  He took it all in stride, but he did give it back to her too.  He really tried to show her his true self.  He wondered if he was good enough for her long term, or was she just using him to get to Logan?  Their relationship was a constant battle.

Luckily with good friends not holding back and calling "bullshit", Brock and Regan face some hard facts about themselves.  Both finally realizing that they may be perfect for each other after all.

A rough ride with these two - but still loving this series!


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