Thursday, November 13, 2014

Charleston Past Midnight by Christine Edwards - @ceerotica

Charleston Past Midnight
I'm not a typical "paranormal - vampire" reading type of girl - but after reading this book, I may be changing my reading selections!  From the moment this book started, it totally grabbed my attention and had me wrapped up in it.

I adored Calla - she had an inner strength to face whatever was thrown at her, and best yet, lots of spunk.  She knew exactly when to give in and let Severin, take control - because she would definitely be benefitting from his control, and she knew from the beginning he would always keep her safe.
Severin was exactly what I pictured a vampire to be.  I was glad we got his back story and how he became a vampire, along with the relationship that came about with Calla.  All I kept thinking is that he can "glamour" me any time!

This was a great fast paced read full of action, vampire lore and lots of hot steamy moments for sure.  Christine Edwards absolutely knows how to write the perfect dominant man.  If you haven't had a chance to read her other books, you are missing out, and you need to immediately go and give one a try - you will not be disappointed!

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