Monday, November 10, 2014

Full Contact (Worth the Fight #2) by Sidney Halston - @sidneyhalston

Full Contact (Worth the Fight, #2)
I absolutely loved, loved this book.  Slade and Jessica's relationship felt so authentic, more realistic - moving in real time instead of lightning speed, which some romances seem to be.  Their kidding and playful joking around, either when they were in bed or just hanging out together - just sealed the deal for me as to how perfect their personalities were for each other.

Slade was perfection.  He may have once been a true playboy - when he first helped Jessica those playboy days were over - he was all in for her.

It did take a little more convincing and learning to trust on Jessica's part.  She is fresh from an abusive relationship, and even though she's definitely attracted to Slade, she is scared.  So what does Slade do to help convince her he's serious - he takes things slow, he shows her how he can be a gentlemen, he's serious about her.  I had to laugh, because while this was what she thought she wanted - it wasn't what she needed - but she was quick to tell him exactly what she needed.
Oh man - I was yelling "Amen, sister - that's what I want!!!"

Unfortunately Jessica's past still comes back to haunt her, and to protect the people she cares about, she makes decisions that cause a lot of pain - even to herself.  Luckily Slade is not one to totally give up, and she finds that she does have a friend or two that she can turn to for help.

I really couldn't get enough of these two - and I'm still chuckling at some of the funny things that Slade and Jessica said to each other. I enjoyed Against the Cage, but I have to say I totally adored Worth the Fight.  Definitely worth your time reading.

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