Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Reason to Kill (Reason #2) by C.P. Smith - @CPSmith63

A Reason to Kill (Reason, #2)

Perfection!! - C.P. Smith gets everything right in this book, and then some.  Besides the story line that had me smiling and intrigued - you couldn't ask for better characters in a book.  All of the people, not just Max & Mia - you just wanted to be around everyone and get to know them all.

Max was Alpha perfection.  He had the perfect amount of bossiness.  He knew the moment he saw Mia she was going to be "a pain in his ass" - but in the good way of course.  The way Max took care of her, and treated Mia made me swoon.  But, I think I loved Max most for the relationship that he had with his mother.  Their conversations together kept a smile on my face and warmth in my heart for the love they shared as mother and son.

Mia, where to begin with her?  She was one of a kind.  You couldn't help but love all her antics, she was funny, sweet, caring and you just wanted to have a drink with her, sing some karaoke and just basically hang out with her.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, A Reason to Breathe, in this series, and wondered how C.P. Smith could top that story, but she did.  You can not go wrong at all with this book - I absolutely ADORED this story - and will probably reread in the near future.  C.P. Smith, please write the next book fast!  Now, off to pack because I'm  moving to Alaska.

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