Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fireman Edition (Standard Romance Story #1) by M.S. Willis - @mswillisbooks

Standard Romance Story: Fireman Edition  (Standard Romance Story, #1)
Bear with me as I try to wrap my mind around the fact that same author who wrote this wonderfully light and funny story - also is the same person who wrote the darker Estate series (which I love by the way!).  But she did, and let me tell you I'm totally hooked.

 The idea of this series is perfect - and so true.  All these "perfect" men and situations we read about - are really just stories, not real life, but they suck us in and make us hope.  Jane is going to test all our book boyfriends out.  She's going to see if it's all true or more so, possible for us to have what we read about.  She is us - just a regular woman, living a regular life.  She places and ad about what she wants to accomplish, and that is where all the fun begins.
 This book starts with the fireman.... and let me say you will laugh, think that this could be you on this date, and wonder if he will be "the one".  I know I did, and I was so sad when their date was over, because now I have to wait for the next date and book.  This series has me hooked with book one - and I'm ready for the crazy ride ahead.

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