Sunday, March 1, 2015

To the Max (Bowen #3) by Elle Aycart

To the Max (Bowen, #3)    

I enjoyed this story of Max and Annie so much.  These two together we're perfection.  Max was just what Annie needed, and their personalities just complimented each other just right.  I loved watching Max fall for Annie, and her baby - and of course there were many moments that left me laughing at their interactions with each other.  I even learned a new word that I think a lot of us could use to describe these wonderful books we all read..."Cliterature".

I do also have to say that even though Nate Bowen (Max's dad) isn't in the story a lot, his parts in the book totally had me falling for the wonderful man/father that he was and is.  No wonder all the Bowen’s are keepers!  So looking forward to Jack's story, I have a feeling it's gonna be smoking hot!

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