Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Finally Home (Home #4) by Ann Vaughn

Finally Home
I have to start by saying that Ann Vaughn has become a must read author for me.  I have loved all the books in her Home Series - and Finally Home was a beautiful ending for a man who has been haunted for years with the memories of his 12 hours in captivity while he was serving in the military.
Lainey and Mike saw each other for the first time when she was 17 at the Founder's Ball - but at the time he was too old for her, and he was getting to leave and serve his country.  But fate has a way of stirring up lives - and almost ten years later it's Mike who will be helping Lainey as she tries to stay safe from an ex-patient who has turned into a stalker.
Mike tries to keep his feelings for Lainey in check, but it's very difficult, because she has always been on his mind over the years.  He has kept a lot of his past to himself - his family not even knowing what happened while in captivity.  Lainey wants to help Mike heal, especially while they grow closer as Mike protects her from the stalker.  Mike just doesn't know how to let it all go - and trust her with all his demons.

And this is what I love about Ann Vaughn and her writing - you not only get the beautiful romance and love story, you also get some great bam-bam, and some serious grit.  Anne does not hold back from describing what happened to Mike in Captivity - and it will totally break your heart.  But sometimes getting the things off our chest, that torture us the most, and letting others take some the burden - is the best kind of therapy.


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