Thursday, March 27, 2014

Twisted (Tangled #2) by Emma Chase

Twisted (Tangled, #2)
I have to admit - I was nervous about reading this book. I loved the first book, and was glad how things ended with Drew and Kate - I really didn't think another book needed to be written about them. Well, I can admit when I'm wrong - and I was so wrong thinking they didn't have more of a story to tell.

I don't want to give much of the story away with the review - but let me just say, in typical Drew fashion - you will be wanting to knock him up-side the head, or maybe kick him in the junk.  But, Kate isn't totally off the hook here in the issues that arise in their relationship. Misunderstandings, assumptions and a lack of communication create a firestorm for them.

This book is told from Kate's POV, unlike Drew's in the first book - but have no fear, you still get all the crazy family and friends, all the funny jabs at each other, a few tears and of course - lots of money for the swear jar! The epilogue is pure Drew and from his POV - and the perfect way to end the story, especially seeing as he always has to have the last word!

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