Friday, July 4, 2014

Grace for Drowning by Maya Cross

Grace for Drowning

When I saw the cover for this book, I really thought, without reading the synopsis, that this was just going to be another story about an MMA Fighter finding the girl of his dreams.  But, let me tell you that the story went so much deeper than that.  This was a story about two people struggling because of events that have happened in their life, and addictions that haunt them on a daily basis.

I totally fell in love with Logan.  It was more important to Logan to be a good, caring friend to Grace first - before daring to think that they could become something more.  He knew she was struggling, and he was going to do his damnedest to help her overcome her addiction.  He knew personally how it could destroy a person.

They tried to fight the attraction, but it was too strong to ignore - and when they came together the first time - WOW!!  Grace finally opened up about her past with Logan, and with his help, she started to heal, and find ways to occupy her time instead of drinking. His encouragement and attention was so sweet and endearing.  He always seemed to keep her best interests first.  That is until another situation occurs - and this time it's Logan who needs someone to help him out of the darkness.  Grace just has to dig down deep and see if she has the strength to be there for him this time.

I truly enjoyed Grace and Logan in this book.  After all Grace had been through, she truly was a strong person deep down inside - and it showed through at the end.  Then of course there is Logan, what else can I say about him, as I've already gushed over him enough.  I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read this beautiful story about two people helping and healing each other through the difficulties that life throws at them.

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