Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Kill Your Boss by Krissy Daniels

How to Kill Your Boss - An Erotic Love Story

I'm so glad that I went into this book blind, just on my fellow blogger, Nic's, recommendation - not reading the synopsis, just kind of imagining what the book would be about by the title alone.  I have to admit, I thought the title was a little corny, but I figured I would chance it and read the book, and I'm so glad I did because I totally loved this story.

Franklin, oh man he was hot, he was sexy, and he was possessive and protective.  But the best was that he knew Tatum was his since the first moment he laid eyes on her.

To be honest though, Franklin wasn't totally perfect, because I really did want to smack him a few times because he kept her in the dark about some things.  I did understand his mindset though, and that he believed he was doing what was best for her and keeping her safe.  Oh to have a man that fiercely protective!

What I loved best about Tatum was that somehow she always managed to let something slip out of her mouth, that was slightly inappropriate, and actually pretty funny.  It was never meant to be hurtful, she was just giving the bare truth without a filter - and I loved her sass and the strength she harbored deep down.

 This was a great, hot, sexy romantic suspense, that had me guessing and wondering what the hell was going on throughout the whole book.  I really enjoyed this book, and trust me if you are looking for a great hot, sizzling romantic suspense.....take the chance on this book, I don't think you will be disappointed at all.

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