Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hard to Hold on To (Hard Ink #2.5) by Laura Kaye - @laurakayeauthor

Hard to Hold on To (Hard Ink, #2.5)

This novella takes place over the span of about 3 days, after Jenna is rescued by Easy and the others after being taken and held by Church's gang for a few days.  Easy is the one to carry her to safety, and between the short amount of time they spent together before she was taken, and the feelings of security she has around him after he rescues her - their bond only intensifies.  She needs him close - and for the first time in the past year, he's realizing how much her needing him, is exactly what he needs to ease his pain.
These two are really a great couple, and I really believe they'll be able to help each other heal and grow as they get to know each other.  Jenna has her issues, but Easy has held so much inside - and when he opened up to his brothers about his feelings and thoughts, I found a whole other level of respect and admiration for them all.  The way they handle each other, and have each other's back is commendable.

I'm loving this series, and even though the books so far have only taken place over about the length of two to three weeks, with the intensity of the situation they are all in, all of the relationships they are developing feel realistic and believable.  I love that these guys are tough, hard ass, ex-military - but yet all of them are coming to realize and ask for the help that each one so desperately needs, which makes their characters all that more appealing to me.  I'm looking forward to seeing who the next book will be about and what situation will happen as they attempt to find out the answers regarding what ended their military career.  Laura Kaye is definitely one of my "Must Read" authors!

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