Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tethered Through Time by B.A. Dillon

Tethered Through Time

Have you ever met someone for the first time, and you swore you met somewhere else, that they felt so familiar?  Someone that you just "clicked" with right away?  Someone that you could "open up" to right away, trusting them immediately?  When Luke and Emma meet for the first time - this is exactly what both of them felt, that undeniable pull which also included a few "sparks".
When Emma meets Luke, she's been healing for the last 10 months after losing her husband of 25 years.  She's also been struggling with a recurring dream that is keeping her awake at night - haunting her, along with dealing with her kids being away from home, and now being totally alone in the house.  She's attracted to Luke instantly, but holding back because she's not sure if it's okay to move on after her husband's death.

Luke feels the connection instantly when he see Emma, and shakes her hand.  He hasn't been interested in someone this much since he was engaged over 25 years ago.  He falls hard, fast right away - and he needs to get to know her.  He asks her out for coffee - but the timing is wrong at first for both of them.  She needs to take time to decide if dating is right for her, and he needs to wrap up and undercover case he is working on.
After a couple of weeks, finally the timing is right and they set a date.  Right from the beginning things move fast - they open up immediately about the attraction they instantly felt, sharing their past - and Emma shares the dream that is haunting her.  Together they try and figure out what is going on, and how the dream relates to them, though at times it causes rifts in their relationship as Luke struggles to understand.

This book had me guessing the whole time, as to how Emma's dreamed played a part in Luke in Emma's past and how it would play into their life today.  It totally was not what I expected either when I found out the ending.  I enjoyed the story line and loved their romance - especially dealing with a couple in their late forties, which to me made it more relatable, and understandable that their relationship would move at a faster pace.  The only thing that sometimes "got" to me, was the frequent use of the "terms of endearment" such as sweetheart, honey, etc.  But, maybe I'm just jealous because my husband doesn't use those terms on me!  This was a sweet love story, with a past life twist - that will keep you guessing the whole way - and give you hope that there may be a chance for love a second time around.

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