Thursday, August 28, 2014

Worth Forgiving (MMA Fighter #3) by Vi Keeland - @vikeeland

Worth Forgiving (MMA Fighter, #3)
Really, there is one great quote from this book that basically sums up what Lily needs to do - and actually what we all need to decide and do at some point in our life....

This is what Lily has to do.  Forget Caden, because that man is freaking crazy.  Seriously, I was ready to call the police on him, and kick him in the junk for how he acted towards her - and then smack her a little, because she kept taking his phone calls!!

Luckily Jax showed up at the gym when he did.  Little did Lily know that Jax would be helping her out in more ways than she could ever imagine.  They really were so good for each other, the only problem was that if Jax didn't soon tell Lily his own "little secret", it was going to cause issues.  And, this is where Lily would have to truly decide whether to Forgive or Forget.

One of the problems with forgetting someone, you think about all their qualities and what you'll miss when they're gone. I think Lily explained Jax the best.

How was she going to let that go, along with everything else that Jax brought into her life?

I really enjoyed this book, it had my emotions all over the place at times, but in the end I was so glad that Jax and Caden got what they both deserved.  It was also good to see Jax get to connect with his brother and start to build a relationship with him.  As always, you can't go wrong with this MMA Series - these guys are all wrapped up in the best package ever!

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