Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nordic Lessons (Nordic Lights #2) by Christine Edwards - @ceerotica

Nordic Lessons

First, I'd like to thank Christine Edwards again for giving us an Advanced Reader's Copy of her book.  I've come to really look forward to the dominant men she creates in her stories, and the beautiful countries that she takes us to.

Elora is lucky enough to have her car break down along the side of the road, and have even better luck to have Mikkel drive by and decide that he needs to help her out.  His presence is intimidating, and scares her at first, but he tries to assure her, in his "direct" way, that he's safe with her, and he's going to help her whether she likes it or not.  Their relationship starts there - and as they begin to find out more about each other, and what each other likes - sparks freaking fly!

Mikkel is the perfect dominant man.  He's strict, tells how he wants it, how it's gonna be, and with his words and actions - you can't help but want to please him.  You would try your hardest to be a "good girl" knowing that the "rewards" were going to be incredible - and even the punishments weren't that bad either!

Oh man, I loved how Mikkel was with Elora, and how she let him take charge when it came to sex.  The sex between them was so hot, and it wasn't all about him being this incredible Alpha Dom, it was the sweetness of how he took care of her in so many other ways - whether it was buying something for her, or taking her someplace that he knew she would enjoy.  You knew deep down how important Elora was to him, there was never a doubt to how fast he fell for her.

And when he called her....
          min skjønne
                       .... my beauty
I would just melt right on the spot! 

This isn't a gritty MC biker story - the story is lighter, with only some drama, the main focus being on Mikkel and Elora's relationship - which I absolutely loved.  I really enjoyed this story, and only wish at the end it would have been a little longer, drawing the story out just a bit, with the focus being more on Elora and Mikkel.  As always, I look forward to see where Christine Edwards will take us next!

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