Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hard to Let Go (Hard Ink #4) by Laura Kaye - @laurakayeauthor

Hard to Let Go (Hard Ink, #4)
Kat and Beckett were the perfect couple to wrap up this series, about five soldiers trying to clear their name and figure out what happened along the way.

Kat, who is Nic and Jeremy's sister, had her own personal issues with an ex that she was trying to handle on her own - and when she came to see her brothers, she realized what him and his friends were going through was so much more important than her troubles.  So,  she put aside her problems, and dove head first into helping them out too.   Even if that meant dealing with the difficult, sexy man - Beckett.

Beckett had a lifetime of pain in his past - and not just with what happened with his dishonorable discharge from the military, and the loss of some of his team.  He had a childhood of pain and misery with a horrible father, something he kept to himself and never told anyone.


Beckett and Kat's first meeting wasn't the best introduction - but after that, whenever they were together, you couldn't help but feel the sexual tension radiating between these two.  And, when these two finally do get together....phew!!! - I needed a cold drink and a cigarette afterwards!!

But, with all their personal issues - the road for them was not going to be easy.   There was some definite push and pull between these two.  But once they gave in to what was there, it was totally worth the work.

 I have to admit, that I am really sad that this series is over.  I totally loved every broken person and animal in these books - you just couldn't help yourself rooting for them and wishing things would all work out.  The story wrapped up nicely, answering all the questions that swirled throughout all the books.  I just really hope there is a spin-off series here, and we get to see all these people again!