Thursday, July 31, 2014

My First, My Last by Lacey Silks - @LaceySilks

My First, My Last
For me this was a beautiful second chance love story - that I totally loved and enjoyed.  It's about coming back to your first true love - your first everything - and giving it another try, at hopefully the right times in both of your lives.

If you're looking for angst and triangles - then this book isn't for you.  This is a book about a man, loving a woman so much, so deeply - he plans everything perfectly to come back and try to rekindle their love, and hopefully find what they had once before twenty years ago.  It's about a woman, letting herself take the chance again on the one she let get away, without the guilt of putting herself first for once.

A perfect easy, romantic love story - that will have you really believing in second chances.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tamed (Tangled #3) by Emma Chase - @emmachse

Tamed (Tangled, #3)
If you enjoyed the first book in the Tangled series - then you are definitely going to love Matthew and Dee's story.  Their story goes along the same timeline as when Kate and Drew started out, but you get their side of things and how they got together and became a couple.

After the second book in the Tangles series, which was so angsty to me - I was so glad that this book had way less drama and was just an enjoyable light-hearted love story - with just a little trouble from Dee!!  These two together had me laughing at times, as Dee sure gave "clit-boy" (a.k.a. Matthew) a run for his money.  She was sure she couldn't "do" relationships and wanted casual - but Matthew was going to show her that she was wrong.
Matthew really tried to prove himself to Dee as he battled her constant insecurities, trying to continually show her that he was there for the long haul.  I actually felt bad for him at times, because you could really feel the depth of his feelings for her - and she just couldn't grasp or trust those feelings.  Luckily, Dee finally realized what Matthew really meant to her.

I loved the humor in this book the most - and these two people together were classic.  A great romance that will have you smiling along the way!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lead (Stage Dive #3) by Kylie Scott - @KylieScottbooks

Lead (Stage Dive, #3)

I absolutely love this series!!  These four guys have totally stolen my heart, and I really wish they were an actual band, so I could totally go all "fan girl" on them - listening to their music on my ipod, and hanging posters of them on my wall!!

This story is about Jimmy, David's brother, a recovering addict - who is working hard on staying clean, and taking care of the people he loves.  Lena, through a strange twist of fate, is unexpectedly hired by the band to be Jimmy's "sobriety companion".  Jimmy is not the easiest person to be around - she learns that very fast, but she can handle him - she's not going to let him walk all over her.

The problems for Lena begin, when she realizes as she's spending time with Jimmy, being his companion and assistant, that she is slowly falling for him.  She knows she needs to either get over this infatuation or quit her job - Jimmy would never want her.  My heart hurt so much at times for Lena, as I think a lot of us know the pain of "unrequited" love at one time in our life.  She was so brave - I don't know how she had the nerve to tell Jimmy exactly how she felt about him - I could have never been that brave for sure.

How to describe Jimmy??

Well, he's a total contradiction when I think about it.  He's a recovering addict, a former man-whore, extremely private, fiercely protective of his brother and those he cares about - but he is so very naive at relationships.  He seriously thought he could help Lena get over him.  I did have to laugh at some of his attempts at that, but deep down my heart broke for Lena, because she knew it would never work, she'd always have feelings for Jimmy.  She had to leave.

This is where I'll leave the rest for you to enjoy and read - and see how these two work out whether they should be together - or go their separate ways.  My stomach was in knots at times, I just wanted to give Lena the biggest hug ever, yet I couldn't hate Jimmy for the life of me.  He had his reasons for all of his feelings and actions.  I just love these two people.

I devoured this book for sure - but I have to say though, that so far, Mal is still my favorite of the four, he just makes me smile, and holds a special place in my heart.  I was so glad there was some of his "craziness" and antics in the book - along with Killer's appearance too!  But to be fair, before I pick my favorite in the band I'll wait for Ben's story - who knows he may end up being my favorite of the group!
Rock on Stage Dive!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Restoring Hope by C.P. Smith

Restoring Hope

Nic and Hope were both struggling with two different issues - Nic the loss of a child, and Hope hiding from her past.  Both were skittish, and not wanting to open up to each other - trying to fight their attraction.  Luckily, Maman Rose knew what was best for them, and "helped" them see what was best for them.

I did enjoy the relationship with Nic and Hope, as they grew to know and trust each other, but there were other things that I think I liked more.  I loved the location of the story, New Orleans, and all the references to the area were perfect - not to mention, I felt like the "cajun" accent was brought out perfectly in the writing, making me feel like I was in New Orleans myself.

I absolutely adored Maman Rose - and how she just took Hope right under her wing and started looking out for her.  She had so many inspiring thoughts to share and encourage Hope with.  She made me wish I was a part of Maman Rose's "family".  There was also the cook, Big Daddy, who was exactly like a father figure - and then there was Hope's new friend, Abby - who was going to be her friend whether she liked it or not!  Everyone seemed to know what Hope needed so much more than she did - and they all took care to get her where she needed to be.  The characters in the story were just written so well that you couldn't help but fall in love with all of them except for one in particular, Nic's ex-wife, you will end up agreeing with me that she was a total bitch!

I have to say that I really enjoyed this story and I will definitely continue to
look forward to more books from C.P. Smith - as she has become one of my "must read" authors.  Definitely give this book a read, I don't think you will be disappointed at all.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Beautifully Done (Beautifully Awake #2) by Riley Mackenzie

Beautifully Done (Beautifully Awake, #2)

Perfect title, because this book.....this book was "Beautifully Done".  I'm sitting here writing this review after finishing the book, searching for the words to explain how much I absolutely, freaking loved this story. I don't want to spoil any of the important parts, and there are so many important, beautiful parts in this book. First though, you need to know that you must read "Beautifully Awake", the first book in the series to feel the full effect of the story.  I have to admit the story starts out a little slow, both books actually did - but hang on because you have to give it a chance - you have to give Asher and all that he is, and Talia, and all her beauty and strength a chance - you need to experience their relationship with them.

I do want to tell you a little bit about Asher because he is..... there is no one word
to describe him.  Asher is hardworking, sexy, devoted, loving, puts everyone else first, takes care of his family, dotes on his 5 nieces, a great role-model, has a kick- ass sense of humor......and when need be, he will give a good smack down to protect the ones he loves.  Oh, and let me not forget, Asher is an ass.....really, he is, ask all his friends and family...but he's the best kind of loveable ass there is!  And trust me, if you don't totally fall head over heels in love with him yourself by the end of this book - well, there is something wrong with you!!

I want to spill it all so bad, tell you about certain parts of the book that got to me, just share with you....but I can't deprive you of reading, and going through this experience yourself. I just want to scream at you "Read this Book!!!!". The story and the wonderful people in it will stay with you for a very long time.

Absolutely, one my top favorite books of the year!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Kill Your Boss by Krissy Daniels

How to Kill Your Boss - An Erotic Love Story

I'm so glad that I went into this book blind, just on my fellow blogger, Nic's, recommendation - not reading the synopsis, just kind of imagining what the book would be about by the title alone.  I have to admit, I thought the title was a little corny, but I figured I would chance it and read the book, and I'm so glad I did because I totally loved this story.

Franklin, oh man he was hot, he was sexy, and he was possessive and protective.  But the best was that he knew Tatum was his since the first moment he laid eyes on her.

To be honest though, Franklin wasn't totally perfect, because I really did want to smack him a few times because he kept her in the dark about some things.  I did understand his mindset though, and that he believed he was doing what was best for her and keeping her safe.  Oh to have a man that fiercely protective!

What I loved best about Tatum was that somehow she always managed to let something slip out of her mouth, that was slightly inappropriate, and actually pretty funny.  It was never meant to be hurtful, she was just giving the bare truth without a filter - and I loved her sass and the strength she harbored deep down.

 This was a great, hot, sexy romantic suspense, that had me guessing and wondering what the hell was going on throughout the whole book.  I really enjoyed this book, and trust me if you are looking for a great hot, sizzling romantic suspense.....take the chance on this book, I don't think you will be disappointed at all.