Thursday, August 28, 2014

Worth Forgiving (MMA Fighter #3) by Vi Keeland - @vikeeland

Worth Forgiving (MMA Fighter, #3)
Really, there is one great quote from this book that basically sums up what Lily needs to do - and actually what we all need to decide and do at some point in our life....

This is what Lily has to do.  Forget Caden, because that man is freaking crazy.  Seriously, I was ready to call the police on him, and kick him in the junk for how he acted towards her - and then smack her a little, because she kept taking his phone calls!!

Luckily Jax showed up at the gym when he did.  Little did Lily know that Jax would be helping her out in more ways than she could ever imagine.  They really were so good for each other, the only problem was that if Jax didn't soon tell Lily his own "little secret", it was going to cause issues.  And, this is where Lily would have to truly decide whether to Forgive or Forget.

One of the problems with forgetting someone, you think about all their qualities and what you'll miss when they're gone. I think Lily explained Jax the best.

How was she going to let that go, along with everything else that Jax brought into her life?

I really enjoyed this book, it had my emotions all over the place at times, but in the end I was so glad that Jax and Caden got what they both deserved.  It was also good to see Jax get to connect with his brother and start to build a relationship with him.  As always, you can't go wrong with this MMA Series - these guys are all wrapped up in the best package ever!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hard to Hold on To (Hard Ink #2.5) by Laura Kaye - @laurakayeauthor

Hard to Hold on To (Hard Ink, #2.5)

This novella takes place over the span of about 3 days, after Jenna is rescued by Easy and the others after being taken and held by Church's gang for a few days.  Easy is the one to carry her to safety, and between the short amount of time they spent together before she was taken, and the feelings of security she has around him after he rescues her - their bond only intensifies.  She needs him close - and for the first time in the past year, he's realizing how much her needing him, is exactly what he needs to ease his pain.
These two are really a great couple, and I really believe they'll be able to help each other heal and grow as they get to know each other.  Jenna has her issues, but Easy has held so much inside - and when he opened up to his brothers about his feelings and thoughts, I found a whole other level of respect and admiration for them all.  The way they handle each other, and have each other's back is commendable.

I'm loving this series, and even though the books so far have only taken place over about the length of two to three weeks, with the intensity of the situation they are all in, all of the relationships they are developing feel realistic and believable.  I love that these guys are tough, hard ass, ex-military - but yet all of them are coming to realize and ask for the help that each one so desperately needs, which makes their characters all that more appealing to me.  I'm looking forward to seeing who the next book will be about and what situation will happen as they attempt to find out the answers regarding what ended their military career.  Laura Kaye is definitely one of my "Must Read" authors!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Incandescent (Knights Rebels MC #1) by River Savage - @RiverS_Author

Incandescent (Knights Rebels MC, #1)
Wow!!! That's all that seems to be coming from my brain when I think about Nix!  He is the hottest dirty talker I have read to date, and I have read a ton of books!!  He's a little crass, sexy and sweet when he does it - how is that even possible!!! The best part is - that Kadence would get horrified by it.  No not really, she may act that way at first, but deep down she loved it and it got her all hot and bothered.  But Nix isn't all bad-ass biker, he's a divorced father of an 11 year old boy who is his life, while running an MC with clean businesses, trying to be on the right side of law and keeping his town clean.  The way Nix is with Z, his son, and how he handles him with such care and love - is just so sweet, you just can't help from falling for Nix for more than his dirty talking!
Then there is Kadence - and she is a force to be reckoned with.  She was burned in a fire 3 years ago, and was left by her fiancee at the same time.  She's battled through a lot of pain, and insecurity.  She's strong, sassy and feisty for sure.  She's Z's teacher, and when she meets Nix for the first time - she's taken aback by the leather and the boots, and she just can't stop herself from her own dirty thoughts.  But, there's no way she's getting involved with a biker, let alone a student's father.  Famous last words!!

Nix is going to have a shot with Kadence, he's not letting her say no to seeing what's between them.  Her acting all smart-mouthed and stubborn, is just turning him on more - unfortunately for her.  Though, deep down she's glad he's so persistent.  As they start dating, Kadence’s past shows up - and finds out it's tied to Nix somehow.  Not only this, they have to deal with Nix's ex - and his MC Club.  Kadence may be ready to give them a break and possibly call it quits, but Nix isn't going to agree to that.  He wasn't going to let Kadence run.

I absolutely loved this book, mostly because it's not your typically MC Biker story.  I enjoyed all the other guys, and their personalities from the club - and Kadence's best friend, Holly.  I can't think of anything I didn't like about it actually and I have to admit, I'm super excited for Sy and Holly's story next, because I need to know what went on with them!! This book totally took my by storm!  As a recommendation from my fellow blogger, Nic - I knew I had to give it a try, and I'm so glad I did!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tethered Through Time by B.A. Dillon

Tethered Through Time

Have you ever met someone for the first time, and you swore you met somewhere else, that they felt so familiar?  Someone that you just "clicked" with right away?  Someone that you could "open up" to right away, trusting them immediately?  When Luke and Emma meet for the first time - this is exactly what both of them felt, that undeniable pull which also included a few "sparks".
When Emma meets Luke, she's been healing for the last 10 months after losing her husband of 25 years.  She's also been struggling with a recurring dream that is keeping her awake at night - haunting her, along with dealing with her kids being away from home, and now being totally alone in the house.  She's attracted to Luke instantly, but holding back because she's not sure if it's okay to move on after her husband's death.

Luke feels the connection instantly when he see Emma, and shakes her hand.  He hasn't been interested in someone this much since he was engaged over 25 years ago.  He falls hard, fast right away - and he needs to get to know her.  He asks her out for coffee - but the timing is wrong at first for both of them.  She needs to take time to decide if dating is right for her, and he needs to wrap up and undercover case he is working on.
After a couple of weeks, finally the timing is right and they set a date.  Right from the beginning things move fast - they open up immediately about the attraction they instantly felt, sharing their past - and Emma shares the dream that is haunting her.  Together they try and figure out what is going on, and how the dream relates to them, though at times it causes rifts in their relationship as Luke struggles to understand.

This book had me guessing the whole time, as to how Emma's dreamed played a part in Luke in Emma's past and how it would play into their life today.  It totally was not what I expected either when I found out the ending.  I enjoyed the story line and loved their romance - especially dealing with a couple in their late forties, which to me made it more relatable, and understandable that their relationship would move at a faster pace.  The only thing that sometimes "got" to me, was the frequent use of the "terms of endearment" such as sweetheart, honey, etc.  But, maybe I'm just jealous because my husband doesn't use those terms on me!  This was a sweet love story, with a past life twist - that will keep you guessing the whole way - and give you hope that there may be a chance for love a second time around.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nordic Lessons (Nordic Lights #2) by Christine Edwards - @ceerotica

Nordic Lessons

First, I'd like to thank Christine Edwards again for giving us an Advanced Reader's Copy of her book.  I've come to really look forward to the dominant men she creates in her stories, and the beautiful countries that she takes us to.

Elora is lucky enough to have her car break down along the side of the road, and have even better luck to have Mikkel drive by and decide that he needs to help her out.  His presence is intimidating, and scares her at first, but he tries to assure her, in his "direct" way, that he's safe with her, and he's going to help her whether she likes it or not.  Their relationship starts there - and as they begin to find out more about each other, and what each other likes - sparks freaking fly!

Mikkel is the perfect dominant man.  He's strict, tells how he wants it, how it's gonna be, and with his words and actions - you can't help but want to please him.  You would try your hardest to be a "good girl" knowing that the "rewards" were going to be incredible - and even the punishments weren't that bad either!

Oh man, I loved how Mikkel was with Elora, and how she let him take charge when it came to sex.  The sex between them was so hot, and it wasn't all about him being this incredible Alpha Dom, it was the sweetness of how he took care of her in so many other ways - whether it was buying something for her, or taking her someplace that he knew she would enjoy.  You knew deep down how important Elora was to him, there was never a doubt to how fast he fell for her.

And when he called her....
          min skjĂžnne
                       .... my beauty
I would just melt right on the spot! 

This isn't a gritty MC biker story - the story is lighter, with only some drama, the main focus being on Mikkel and Elora's relationship - which I absolutely loved.  I really enjoyed this story, and only wish at the end it would have been a little longer, drawing the story out just a bit, with the focus being more on Elora and Mikkel.  As always, I look forward to see where Christine Edwards will take us next!