Monday, July 20, 2015

Hung (Selected Sinners MC #4) by Scott Hildreth - @ScottDHildreth

Hung (Selected Sinners MC, #4)
I have to admit I always get a little nervous before starting a book in this series.  I worry if my limits will be pushed to something that I'm going to hate or not be able to handle.  But then I start the story and these men - just totally make me fall for who they are, even if it always isn't perfect and pretty.  Because with these guys, it's not.  They are crass, and they are in your face, they are criminals, but good citizens .  They are manwhores when they are not in a relationship, but ultimately if you're the girl for them, they are faithful, and they will always have your back and take care of you.
Biscuit just made me laugh and smile.  His stories were ones I'm sure most of us don't hear in our lifetime.  They definitely  were one of a kind, and you could actually "hear" him telling them to you.  The funny thing with Biscuit though - you know how there are some guys out there who think they are "God's gift to women"??? Well, Biscuit truly thought - with his "special talents and physical attributes" that God truly did put him on this earth to please women.  Now how can you not love a guy willing to do what God wants, right?!?!?  And he was working his way through pleasing as many women as he could.

Kat only wanted a "bad-boy", mainly I think to stick it to her cop father.  And, even though she had a bad experience with one in her past, it did not deter her from looking for another one.  So when she met Biscuit, she was game for whatever he was offering - even if it was just a good time and nothing serious.  Personally, I don't think I would have passed him up with his skills and attribute either though!

I liked Kat and Biscuit together.  Their personalities complimented each other so well,  and surprisingly to both of them, they start to really have feelings for each other, which they kind of discovered together at about the same time.  I wanted them to figure out they were good for each other.  The only problem that upset me was that Kat made a bad decision, which I wanted to punch her for.  I hated her for it, and wanted to shake her and tell her to fix it - but she had to learn in her own way - no matter how difficult, and I mostly summed up her choices to her being only 23, and slightly immature.  But with everything going on, Biscuit truly showed the kind of man he was deep down - taking care of Kat in more ways than one.

This is definitely one of my favorite MC Series.  I love these "Selected Sinners" or

"Angels in Selected Sinners cuts is more like it."
"Protective Angels."

Their stories are crazy and amazing, and who they are deep down is so much more than you get from their outside appearance.  I can't wait for more!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ride Steady (Chaos #3) by Kristen Ashley

Ride Steady (Chaos, #3)

Tatum Jackson will always be my "#1 KA Alpha Male" - but let me just say that Joker 
has moved up the the #2 spot on my list and bumped Joe Callahan down to #3. 
I don't know how to even begin starting to explain the pure perfection that is Joker, 
you'll just have to   trust me on this one.

I really struggle with reviews for any KA books - because to me, there's no words to describe how much I love them all - every part of them, from the story line, to the location, the songs, the clothing, and each and every character.  So I thought of a crazy comparison - food:

 Most of the books I read are really like a good meal out - leaves you satisfied, glad for what you ate - maybe a really good burger and fries.  Then others books are more like a better meal - sit down, dress up a little, maybe get an appetizer and share a dessert.  Those meals don't come as often, but they are looked forward to and enjoyed immensely.  Then there are KA books that I have to compare to those meals where you get the WHOLE experience.  I'm talking dressed up, you're getting a drinks, salad, appetizers, sorbet in between to  cleanse your palate, you're getting all the food groups, cooked by the best chefs, and having the best dessert at the end to wrap it all up.  You're getting the full experience, pure bliss,  leaving nothing out - and to me that's what this book, and every KA book I've read has been like.  I savor it, never want it to end - but thoroughly enjoy the entire experience - and sometimes I even go back for seconds.

So do I recommend you read this book? - Hell Yeah!!! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hard to Let Go (Hard Ink #4) by Laura Kaye - @laurakayeauthor

Hard to Let Go (Hard Ink, #4)
Kat and Beckett were the perfect couple to wrap up this series, about five soldiers trying to clear their name and figure out what happened along the way.

Kat, who is Nic and Jeremy's sister, had her own personal issues with an ex that she was trying to handle on her own - and when she came to see her brothers, she realized what him and his friends were going through was so much more important than her troubles.  So,  she put aside her problems, and dove head first into helping them out too.   Even if that meant dealing with the difficult, sexy man - Beckett.

Beckett had a lifetime of pain in his past - and not just with what happened with his dishonorable discharge from the military, and the loss of some of his team.  He had a childhood of pain and misery with a horrible father, something he kept to himself and never told anyone.


Beckett and Kat's first meeting wasn't the best introduction - but after that, whenever they were together, you couldn't help but feel the sexual tension radiating between these two.  And, when these two finally do get together....phew!!! - I needed a cold drink and a cigarette afterwards!!

But, with all their personal issues - the road for them was not going to be easy.   There was some definite push and pull between these two.  But once they gave in to what was there, it was totally worth the work.

 I have to admit, that I am really sad that this series is over.  I totally loved every broken person and animal in these books - you just couldn't help yourself rooting for them and wishing things would all work out.  The story wrapped up nicely, answering all the questions that swirled throughout all the books.  I just really hope there is a spin-off series here, and we get to see all these people again!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Vision in Time (Time #2) by B.A. Dillon

A Vision in Time (Time #2)

Mia has kept her ability of having visions private, and now that she has helped out Luke and Emma in the previous book, others are finding out about them.  The problem is  that she hasn't quite gotten a handle on when to expect them, or how to deal with the effects they have on her body, and the fear that people may look at her differently because of them.

This isn't her only problem though.  Mia's been hurt in the past, and trust is an extremely difficult thing for her to give.  She's got alot on her plate - and she may end up letting the best thing that has happened to her in years walk away.  She has met Isaac through Luke and Emma and she holding back on getting involved with him.  But Isaac wants her and a relationship with her.  Mia decides to give Isaac a chance, but wants to keep what they have quiet, so none of their friends or family knows.  Isaac accepts this for now, he thinks he can wear her down, but he does have a breaking point.  He knows her fears, and is willing to deal with them - but only for so long.

I really did enjoy that their relationship wasn't an "insta-love" type of deal.  It developed slowly over the time while they were "secretly" seeing each other.  Isaac was truly amazing.  Almost too perfect at times (which I think may be why I held back a star on my rating).  He was patient as any man can be, even more than I would have expected from someone.  But he handled Mia and her family with such love and care - you could just feel his devotion to them.  I especially loved how Isaac was so "in-tune" with Mia when she had her "visions" - and how he took care of her during them and after them, and believed in them.  He protected her in so many ways, and once Mia got her act together, I really started to like her so much better.  She was one stubborn woman. 

I really enjoyed the suspense element in the story of which I don't like to give away too much information on, but it definitely held my attention.   If you're looking for a great romantic suspense story with a hea, then I highly suggest you give this series a shot.  You'll get your "hot" romance, and some intrigue with the suspense part - I don't think you will be disappointed at all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Until July (Until Her #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until July (Until Her, #1)
To me,  the Mayson family can do no wrong.  I loved the parents story, and now thankfully, we get their kids stories.  July was a great way to start this new generation series.

  Not only do we get all the Mayson craziness, but we get a sexy biker with Wes Silver.  Their meeting was classic - one to tell the grandchildren for sure.  He was so perfect for July.  He could totally handle her and her family - winning them both over easily.

  If you are a fan of Aurora's Until series - then you will not be disappointed with this book - and the best part is, there are a lot of more Mayson's to be written about!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Taking the Heat (Selected Sinners MC #2) by Scott Hildreth - @ScottDHildreth

Taking the Heat (Selected Sinners MC, #2)

Damn, with the way this book started out - I was wondering where the heck it was going to go.  That was one sex scene I had never read before!  You may start off the book not really caring for Toad, actually I'm pretty sure of it - but that will be short lived.  You will grow to love the man that he truly is, deep down - the true giver and compassionate man that he is.

Then you will meet Sidney and totally admire her ability to persevere through what she's been dealt with in life.  She doesn't pity herself, and circumstances or expect handouts.  Nope, she works for what she has, makes the best of all of it - and in the process makes others around her be better.

Toad and Sidney, both broken people, are beautiful together - perfectly matched, and watching their relationship grow, felt believable and not rushed.

I'm so in love with this series.  I just enjoy all the main and secondary characters in the story - they have so much personality and even if they have small roles, they have a great impact.  But, I think the main reason for my enjoyment of this series is mostly due to Scott's ability to make you feel and think with his writing.  The words of inspiration he writes and weaves into the story - that will somehow pertain and reflect in your own life and circumstances, always leave me thinking and feeling.  I'm totally hooked.