Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Vision in Time (Time #2) by B.A. Dillon

A Vision in Time (Time #2)

Mia has kept her ability of having visions private, and now that she has helped out Luke and Emma in the previous book, others are finding out about them.  The problem is  that she hasn't quite gotten a handle on when to expect them, or how to deal with the effects they have on her body, and the fear that people may look at her differently because of them.

This isn't her only problem though.  Mia's been hurt in the past, and trust is an extremely difficult thing for her to give.  She's got alot on her plate - and she may end up letting the best thing that has happened to her in years walk away.  She has met Isaac through Luke and Emma and she holding back on getting involved with him.  But Isaac wants her and a relationship with her.  Mia decides to give Isaac a chance, but wants to keep what they have quiet, so none of their friends or family knows.  Isaac accepts this for now, he thinks he can wear her down, but he does have a breaking point.  He knows her fears, and is willing to deal with them - but only for so long.

I really did enjoy that their relationship wasn't an "insta-love" type of deal.  It developed slowly over the time while they were "secretly" seeing each other.  Isaac was truly amazing.  Almost too perfect at times (which I think may be why I held back a star on my rating).  He was patient as any man can be, even more than I would have expected from someone.  But he handled Mia and her family with such love and care - you could just feel his devotion to them.  I especially loved how Isaac was so "in-tune" with Mia when she had her "visions" - and how he took care of her during them and after them, and believed in them.  He protected her in so many ways, and once Mia got her act together, I really started to like her so much better.  She was one stubborn woman. 

I really enjoyed the suspense element in the story of which I don't like to give away too much information on, but it definitely held my attention.   If you're looking for a great romantic suspense story with a hea, then I highly suggest you give this series a shot.  You'll get your "hot" romance, and some intrigue with the suspense part - I don't think you will be disappointed at all.