Monday, October 27, 2014

Afraid to Fall (Dennison #1) by W. Ferraro - @AuthorWFerraro

Afraid to Fall (Dennison Series #1)
Delaney is a single mom, moving to a new town with her infant son in hopes of getting a fresh start on life.  She's strong and determined, and knows she'll be okay once she gets her and Jacob settled.  Things start off rocky though when her car gets stuck in the snow and she hasn't even reached her new home yet.  Luckily someone comes to her rescue, and gets her pulled out - and make sure she gets to her house safely.  Little does she know that this stranger who helped her, is the sheriff who also happens to be her neighbor.

Gage is driving home, and notices a car stuck in the snow.  He decides to stop and help, and with this act of kindness - he doesn't even realize how his life is about to change.  Well, maybe he might have an inkling once he notices Delaney, and feels an attraction to her - but also realizes she is going to be his new neighbor.

Right away, he instantly feels a need to look out for her and her son.  This is totally throwing him off, because he is not interested in any relationship - after being cheated on by his ex-wife and best friend.  At least he thinks he's not looking for more from Delaney.

Delaney has been burned too, and she is no state of mind to rush into any relationship.  She does notice Gage though, with his looks, there's no denying he's attractive.  There's an attraction between these two  that has to be addressed - and thankfully they give each other a chance to see what's there.  The problem becomes when Gage gets scared of his feelings - and his reactions to Delaney and his comments to her are hurtful.   He doesn't trust easily.

When Gage and Delaney are together and things are going well - they are beautiful together.  The way he takes care of her, and helps with Jacob are sweet and loving.  The problem becomes when Gage gets scared of his feelings - and his reactions to Delaney and his comments to her are hurtful.   He doesn't trust easily - and doubts sometimes overwhelm him, and honestly - he acts like a complete ass.

I really felt bad for Delaney when Gage went off on her - he said some really crappy things to her - and I just wanted to smack him.  I was so glad she stood up for herself.  If they were ever going to work out, he needed to trust her.   He just wasn't ready to do that totally - so she had to end it.

I love a great romance that includes a hot, sexy guy getting involved with a woman with a child - and I really enjoyed this book - even with the push and pull between these two.  I totally understood where Gage was coming from, and his fear - and I was glad for the strength that Delaney showed.  Even though Gage was an ass some of the time - he made up for it all in the end with his words and actions.  Ending up with a beautiful hea.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Finder Fees (TroubleMaker #4) by Kelly Gendron - @KelGendron

Finder Fees (TroubleMaker, #4)
I really enjoy this series so much - especially because each book is so different from the previous ones.  This book started off so great and stayed that way through the entire book.  I think my favorite part, that I knew I was gonna love this book was the elevator "scene" and what came out of Sloan's sassy mouth and her comment to J.T. - and his come-back was even better - I nearly spit out my drink!

J.T. and Sloan together - oh man, the sexual tension was scorching.  He was an "alpha-male" in the true sense - and he let her know exactly what that was.  I was "fanning" myself with his explanation.

The sexual energy was scorching between these two - especially before they gave in to inevitable.  The story had some twists and turns that I didn't even see coming and ended going in a different direction than what I expected it to be - which was a very pleasant surprise.  I love when storylines don't quite turn out how I expect them to from the synopsis.

This book had a lot of sexual tension in the beginning - and some extremely funny moments between J.T. and Sloan.  So, if you're looking for a lighter read - with a little suspense and some sizzling, sexy encounters with a great hea - than you'll really enjoy this book for sure!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Locke (Corps Security #5) by Harper Sloane - @harpersloan

Locke (Corps Security, #5)
This was me, pretty much since the end of the Axel.

From the start of the series I have been patiently waiting, wanting to know everything possible about Maddox Locke.  His demons, his secrets - everything!  And, finally we get his and Em's story - and I never even imagined it would ever be as bad as it was for both of them.

For months, I've been wanting these two to get together - hoping, wishing and praying.  Ugh, Maddox - damn stubborn fool.  Em laid out her heart wide open for him - handed it to him on a platter, and he still couldn't let her in - couldn't take the chance.  But, now I know why - and could understand it better knowing his past.

Em - let me just say for the record - one of the strongest women in the series.  Her past may be even more tragic than Maddox's - and the way she forged ahead, going forward - trying to not look back was amazing.  You really got to see how important Zeke was to her, and how he practically saved her life.

Theirs is not an easy love story, it comes with a lot of learning to trust, taking chances, letting go - and one great "smackdown".  Plus, we get all the Corps Security guys and their women.  But the best is we get Sway and Cohen, for a few small moments, at their very best - using their glitter and capes, and honest words or wisdom to really make Maddox realize what's important.


I have to say I'm very sad this part of the series is over - but I'm sure that Cohen will lead the way to something new and amazing!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Reaper's Stand (Reapers MC #4) by Joanna Wylde - @joannawylde

Reaper's Stand (Reapers MC, #4)

If you've been reading this series, then I'm sure like me, you have been anticipating Reese/Picnic and London's story - and they sure did not disappoint!  This is one of my favorite MC stories - it has enough "grit" to make it real, and not go too overboard - and even though the guys may be "man-whores" when they start out, once that one girl becomes "theirs" - that's it for them.  They have and "old lady" in the making.  But for Reese it was harder to make that decision, because he had an "old lady" once, and swore after she died, that was it for him.

London is running her own cleaning business and taking care of her niece.  It's been tough, and money tight, but her business has been picking up, especially with cleaning some of the Reaper's properties.  She's noticed Reese a few times while she's been working, and can't help but notice how sexy he really is - although she imagines he can get any woman.  She isn't alone in her infatuation - Reese has definitely noticed London too, but she is not his type at all - she has no clue at all about his world, and he doesn't want to even go there - he's not looking for anything long term.

Then circumstances bring them together on a few "awkward" occasions - where London really sees the "man-whore" that Picnic is.  I have to say there were a few "cringe" worthy moments, that I would have personally died on the spot if I were London - but she handled them with class.  After an unexpected kiss - either of them can get each other out of their minds.  This is where it all get tricky and things get complicated - and this is where the story really picks up - and it becomes obvious of the feelings that Reese really has for London, with the way he helps her out.

 I loved all the twists and turns with Reese and London's relationship - because once they got together - things were hot and happening fast.  The only problem was that London needed to actually trust Reese and go to him for help - which she didn't do, and which ended up putting her in a dangerous position with the club and Reese.  With the choices she made, Reese's options with how to handle her were becoming limited.  I was wringing my hands, wondering what would happen - and how everything would play out and come together.  From about the last 25% of the book, I couldn't put it down!

Joanna Wylde has nailed it with this great biker-MC series - and I always look forward to the next in the series!