Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hope Restrained (The Estate #2) by M.S. Willis

Hope Restrained (The Estate, #2)
Finally Xander's story - and it did not disappoint!
 Hope and Honor are twins.  Honor is the artist - Hope is the assassin.  Honor is the light - Hope is darkness.
Honor is kidnapped by a faction of "The Estate" that wants to overtake Aaron.  Her kidnappers know that Hope will do anything to get Honor back - even breaking into the main mansion and assassinating Aaron.  When Hope saw the abuse done to Honor and the state she was in - she knew that she couldn't refuse, and would have to try and kill Aaron, to save her sister.  In her unsuccessful attempt to kill Aaron - Xander grabs Hope, and Xander is forced to find out why she's after Aaron - by any means possible.
I'm not usually a fan of the darker type of reads - but I love this series.  There's definitely violence and humiliation in this book - but there is also the underlying theme of Aaron, Maddy and Xander trying to turn "The Estate" in to something more than the corruption his father let it become. 

"There is beauty in everything, even in the things we hate the most."

Xander is definitely not a "good" man - but he has this goodness in him - where he grounds Hope, gives her exactly what she needs and wants - even if it is not what most of us would expect or want for ourselves. 
This book makes you think about putting things in perspective - realizing that sometimes things aren't always black and white.  Sometimes we are forced to do things, be in situations - in order to make things better.  Xander and Hope are both put in circumstances that would break most of us - but it's necessary to make sure the changes Aaron are making within "The Estate" continue and Honor is freed.

This series is definitely turning out to be my favorite "dark read" type of book!

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