Saturday, February 1, 2014

Scarred By Love by C.A. Harms

Scarred By Love

Riley is a college girl healing from ending a relationship with an abusive ex.  She has four very protective brothers - and two loving parents.  She's finally ready to start living life again and return to college - so she moves in to an apartment with her best friend, Kate. 
Xander is finishing up college with an architectural degree, moonlighting in a band.  He's been dealing with the death of his mother who battled cancer.  To him, his father is just a "sperm donor" who never had a hand in raising him - but continues to force himself into his life.  The one constant in his life has been his best friend, Beth.
After a quick introdution - a cheese "stormy eyes" pick up line - Xander and RIley don't see each other for a couple of weeks.  It's actually Beth, Xander's friend who convinces Riley to come and see him play - and it's there they find out Xander knows Riley's brother.  Xander and Riley hit it off - the attraction is definitely there, and Riley is ready to take another chance with someone new.

Things seem to move fast with them - but Xander takes the lead to slow things down. He wants to make sure she knows he wants something more out of their relationship then sex. Oh man he is sweet - you can tell it's taking everything in him to control himself. He wants it to be perfect. They spend a lot of time getting to know each other alone - and with her friends and brothers and his friends.
There's one issue that keeps popping up though - and it's Beth, Xander's best friend. They are very close and comfortable with each other - while her boyfriend is used to this, Riley is not - and it's hard for her to accept sometimes. Xander tries to make her realize they are JUST friends, but she sometimes isn't sure - and the way Beth treats her at times, you have to wonder yourself. At times I really wanted to smack Beth - she was so rude to Riley.
Beth really becomes a thorn in their relationship - not only that, Xander has at times picked Beth over Riley - and continues to turn to Beth for emotional support - and not Riley.  It wasn't intentional on Riley's part, it's just how he's lived his life for years.  I worried whether Riley and Xander could work things out or not.
This was a sweet love story - about two people, trying to figure out how to move ahead with their lives - together, leaving the past behind, but not forgetting it.  Riley and Xander are both two amazing people - and you will love their story.  I sure hope that there are more books to come that include Riley's brothers!

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