Friday, February 28, 2014

Unbearable Guilt (Breathe Again #2) by Emma Grayson

Unbearable Guilt (Breathe Again, #2)
  Kane Archer

"Kane was a badass name, the name of a hero in an action movie, the name a woman would call out in pure ecstasy over and over again.  Kane was a man's name and he was definitely that:  a man - all man."

Lean, Broad Shoulders,
Tall, Muscles,
Take No-Shit kind of man.
The type you didn't question.
The type you didn't want to cross, make angry or disobey.
The kind who would tell you where to go and how to get there.

Do I have your attention now??? Because Kane certainly had my attention through this whole book.  He was definitely a tortured soul - blaming himself for the death of his fiancee Aimee.  He's intent on finding the man who killed her, and keeping himself mentally and emotionally away from any woman he brings to his bed.
Whitney has been serving him coffee for months.  She's attracted to him, but knows he's a loner, keeping to himself.  She's heard all the rumors around town about how he's the reason Aimee is dead - but she knows there's more to the story.
Kane can't deny the attraction to Whitney - it's different from one of his one night stands.  He's tries to keep her at a distance, but the attraction is too much for both of them.  But the guilt Kane feels, is to unbearable for him to handle, and more than once - he walks away.
Whitney knows in her heart he's struggling, but she's also dealing with her own family troubles, not to mention the rejection that she is feeling from Kane.  I don't know how she faced him at times, after he left her hanging and some cruel words he threw at her to keep her away.  I cringed at the confusion that she must have had at what to feel for him.
Through more twists of fate - they both find that their past lives and troubles are more intertwined then they could have ever imagined.  It's unsure whether they will be able to get past all the guilt and find forgiveness for themselves and each other.
I absolutely loved this book - even when Kane needed a good kick in the ass sometimes.  How can you not love a man like him - someone who so desperately needs some love and is as hot as hell!?  And Whitney, she was no pushover, she was raised to be tough - but she was also really patient and understanding, and knew a good man when she saw him.  I couldn't put this book down, and hated for it to end - looking forward to Kessel's story next!


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