Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rumor Has It (Limelight #1) by Elisabeth Grace

Rumor Has It (Limelight, #1)
Oh man, I felt so bad for Ellie - seriously, it seems as if "embarrassment" is her middle name lately.  Besides the video that goes viral with her in it, the way she meets Mason for the first time would not be the way most of us want to meet a hot guy!
Mason is awesome – he is loving the first time he sees Ellie, although he’s sure it’s just another fan trying to get to him.  He soon realizes Ellie is as she says – and really has no clue that he’s a famous hip-hop artist.  Mason, being the smooth talker he is – convinces her to go on a date, and with his built body and sexy tattoos, there is no way Ellie is turning him down. 
Ellie just has to stick to her “ten date” rule and keep in mind that Mason is only in town for a few weeks – as long as she has her “PP’s” on – things should be fine.  For the first date, they are fine, she’s even heeding her rules – but then going out again – she unexpectedly finds out who Mason really is and now she’s not sure about seeing him again – or following any rules.

Mason wants to give things a try – he trusts Ellie, which for him trust is a major issue – there are not many people he can trust because of his fame.  For Ellie, she’s used to men not staying in her life – and with Mason only in town for a while, she knows she’s asking for trouble.  Even though Mason is so attentive and caring about her feelings, she feels unworthy of it and questions why he would even be interested in her.
There’s so many issues they have to deal with to make their relationship work – and when Mason catches her in a situation – trust is quickly gone…. But, sometimes you can’t believe all the rumors, or even exactly what you see.  I really enjoyed this story and you will definitely root for Ellie and Mason to work things out – and get through all the rumors to the truth.  Looking forward to the next book for sure!

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