Friday, February 7, 2014

Perfectly Flawed by Emily Jane Trent

Perfectly Flawed
Just goes to show that appearances aren't everything.  Just because it appears that someone seems to "have it all" - you can't assume their life isn't full of pain, heartache and insecurity.  Adrianna is one of those people - the people that should be loving her, are tearing her down.  After graduation, she moves in with her Aunt to start her own life, and live it the way she wants - except the past always rears its ugly head, and she is still unable to make all her own choices.
Sean sees meets Adrianna once, there is attraction - but she acts like she's unaffected by him.  She totally blows him off - but a year later, they end up working together - and this time Sean isn't going to let her walk away so easily.  He's more determined this time - he wants to know her, help her and love her.  She just isn't sure that she's worthy of him. 

 Sean was the perfect person for Adrianna, ever her defender - you'll definitely be cheering for him, hoping he can make Adrianna feel his love.  He may be young too, but when he knows what he wants, and is sure of it - he goes after it and gets it.
 Adrianna was truly an inspiration.  She managed to deal with so many issues at a young age, mainly by herself, and pull herself through the best way she knew how.  And, then in the end, she takes one of the hardest steps ever, and allows herself to be loved by someone who would truly care for her and love he the way she deserves.  This was truly a heartfelt love story.

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