Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Risking It All (Crossing the Line #1) by Tessa Bailey - @mstessabailey

Risking it All (Crossing the Line, #1)
Bowen is the best kind of Anti-hero type man.  He's tortured by what he must do, yet tries to find a way to make the best of his situation, and find a way out of his predicament.  Plus, he's sexy, dangerous, demanding, caring, protective, and has a hidden talent that many don't know about.

With a proposition, which he really doesn't have a choice to turn down - he finds himself trying to help Sera get out of the precarious undercover position she got herself in to.  The problem is Sera doesn't know that Bowen's there to help her.  She's stubborn and determined to get the information she needs.  She's going to use Bowen's help to get what she needs - luckily she gets even more, when they both give in to the attraction and let the sparks fly.

I don't want to give away too much of the ending - since there's some twists and turns - and Bowen and Sera are faced with some facts that could destroy everything between them.  This story kept me anxiously turning the pages, anticipating what would happen next.

This book is definitely an insta-love read, which at times had me doubting things, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the story.  And, while sometimes I wished I remembered more of Bowen's back story from "His Risk to Take" which was Ruby and Troy's story - it wasn't necessary that you read that book before this one.  Even with both of those things, I am still looking forward to the next book and getting Connor's story.

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