Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Reason to Breathe by C.P. Smith

A Reason To Breathe

I'm not going to write much for this book review.  I'm just going to MUST read this book!! 

If you love a hot, sexy, totally Alpha male - who also happens to be in law enforcement - you MUST read this book.

If you love a heroine who doesn't back down, is caring, and most importantly sassy - you MUST read this book.

If you love a great romantic suspense - you MUST read this book.

If you want to read a book, that you won't be able to put down - you MUST read this book.

I can't even believe this is the first book for this author - and I am ANXIOUSLY anticipating her next one.

Trust me - read this book - if you don't believe me - please see the beautiful reviews from my other girls at Sizzling Pages...

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