Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finding Home by Ann Vaughn

Finding Home


Colt - he's definitely made the list of the best "book boyfriends".  He's really the whole package, caring, thoughtful, a family guy, alpha, determined - oh, and sexy as hell.  After seeing Sarah at lunch with her co-workers,  and hearing her laugh, he's hooked.  Lunch is his treat - flowers are delivered - and a returned email from Sarah to him - a date is set for that night. 
Sarah is wondering if she did the right thing by accepting dinner with Colt after just seeing him in the restaurant.  Sarah has lived a sheltered life, home schooled most of the time, and rarely going out in public - not to mention she hasn't really dated over the years.  She is used to keeping to herself since her adopted parents both died when she was 18.  But luckily, she decides to take the plunge and accepts Colt's dinner offer.
As their relationship continues - Colt learns more about Sarah's past and her adoption - and starts looking into who her birth parents are without Sarah knowing.  Sarah has been afraid to open the box that her adopted mother left for her after she died - she's not sure she wants to find out about her birth parents.  When Colt tells her what he finds in regards to her birth mother - Sarah has a fit - and kicks him out.

The story from here on out is filled with twists that I never even saw coming.  I really felt for Sarah as she struggled to face the reality of the life she should have had - and the one that was given to her, and that she believed in.  There were so many heart wrenching moments - I could barely put this book down, wanting to see how everything would play out.   I loved the complex storyline, and Colt and Sarah were perfect together.  Once again I have to say that I love Ann Vaughn's writing style - you will not be disappointed reading this book, a Five Star for sure!!! 


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