Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fighting Love (Love to the Extreme #2) by Abby Niles

Fighting Love (Love to the Extreme, #2)

Tommy and Julie have been friends since she moved in next door to him and on the first day he was there he found her lost puppy and decided he would be her “knight” and she would be his “lady”.  For Julie though, she's always secretly loved Tommy as they grew up and became teenagers and adults, but she always kept those feelings to herself.
Best friends, always there for each other – honest to the core with each other, never backing down letting the other know how it really is – that’s the friendship they enjoyed over the years.  But, when Tommy has to move in with her because his house burns down – she’s having a hard time ignoring her feelings.  She's not alone, Tommy is freaking out because he is finally realizing the kind of feelings he really has for Julie, and they aren't "just friend" feelings.  She wants to cross the friendship line – he’s freaking out, and holding back.

This was a hot friend’s to lover’s story.  I wondered sometimes if it was ever going to happen or if it would even work out in the end, because sometimes crossing that line into a relationship is the worst thing that could ever happen – and then sometimes it’s the best idea in the world!

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