Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Captured Heart by Savanna Grey

Captured Heart (A Garrett's Point Novel #1)
If you're in the need for a low angst type book, with a little heartbreak, but definite happy ending, then this book will definitely be the book for you.
Emma is a kindergarten teacher, living in her hometown, enjoying the quiet life that she's made for herself over the years with a lot of good friends.  Suddenly, through tragic events, her life is turned upside down when she is thrown into position of taking care of her god-daughter, Olivia.
Caring for Olivia is never the issue or the problem - the problem is Jack, her uncle, who is also sharing joint custody.  The uncle that Emma has secretly had a crush on for the past 8 years.  The Uncle that, even though she only sees on occasion at holidays - she can't stop lusting after.
Jack is your typical career-oriented, lawyer and ladies man.  No long term relationships, only a good time - and work is the most important thing.  The problems with this start when Jack starts spending time with Olivia and Emma after he becomes Olivia's joint guardian.  He's always found Emma attractive, but knew she was off limits because she was not a "one night stand" type of girl.  But, being in the same house together - dealing with their grief, learning how to care for Olivia - is pulling them towards each other.  They find it impossible to deny their attraction - but Jack still is not sure he wants to change his ways altogether.
It was beautiful to see how Emma handled Olivia and her grief - always putting her and her feelings first, and taking great care for her.  Jack also did his share of trying to heal Olivia, even if his experience with children was limited.  Putting aside their troubles with each other together their main goal was to give Olivia the best life she deserved, regardless of the tragedy she experienced.
Even though the story mainly revolved around Emma, Jack and Olivia, there were quite a few other characters and townspeople that were quite charming and memorable, especially Emma's three friends.  I look forward to reading about them in the future and discovering more about their lives.  After reading Captured Heart you'll really feel like you want to visit Garrett's Point and maybe stay awhile.

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