Thursday, April 10, 2014

Unfixable by Tessa Bailey


Irish men are a complicated sort.  They'll knock you on your arse when you're not looking.
 Willa is on her way to Dublin, Ireland after winning the trip through a photography contest.  The trip comes at a perfect time - as she just broke it off with her "perfect" boyfriend of two years - and she feels the need to get away from all the reminders of him, and her feelings of not being ever what he really wanted or needed.  She wants to find her "old self" instead of the person she has been pretending to be for the past two years.
Shane is helping his mother and sister run his family's Inn and Bar after his father passed away six months ago.  It's not where he wants to be - he has other dreams he needs to chase, and is battling with his decision of how to handle the situation he's been put in.  Being trapped at the bar which reminds him too much of his father, is really not where he wants to end up.
I knew I was going to love Willa right from the beginning - especially with how she totally "sassed" Shane right back within minutes of meeting him at the airport - and then left him at the airport and got her own cab to the Inn.  Right from the start - there is the constant battle of wills and attitudes with these two - not to mention the sexual tension that radiates off of them.

"It's inevitable, Willa.  We are inevitable.  When you stop fooling yourself, come and find me."
Both are struggling with their life and decisions they have made that led them to where they are.  Both are trying to figure out who they are and where they actually belong.  Both are made for each other - but Willa feels guilty for having feelings for Shane so soon after her breakup with Evan, not to mention the fact that she's only in Dublin for a month.

Shane is just too irresistible and charming to resist - even though she tries her hardest to avoid him at all costs.  She finally gives in to her feelings - but there's still the question hanging in the background, of what will happen to them once it's time for her to go home.

Dammit, Willa.  I didn't see you coming.
I loved watching as Willa finally let go, and opens up herself to Shane - finally realizing that she wasn't "Unfixable" at all.  Loved this story.


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