Saturday, November 8, 2014

Brody (Bang Shift #1) by Mandy Harbin - @mandy_harbin

Brody: The Bang Shift Series
Xan and her son have been hiding, for the past ten years, from her ex-husband even though he is currently in jail for trying to kill her.  With help from the FBI she's been able to elude him and his family.  But, he's soon up for parole, and she's getting scared that once again she will have to pick up and move again, and her life will once again be put in danger even more so that he is out of jail.  The FBI is sure they can protect her - they have "people" helping to watch her and her son - trying to keep them safe.

Out of all the hot, sexy mechanics in the garage - who are also undercover mercenaries - Brody is the one assigned to keep an eye on Xan.  He does not want this job - she's going to be a problem, not only is he attracted to her, but she seems familiar to him and he can't place her.  He keeps her at arms length for as long as possible, until the attraction between them is too much.  Between keeping her and her son safe, falling for her, and slowly learning more about his past, and the people in his present life that he trusted - everything seems to just blow up.

 I have to say that I am a total sucker for a hot romantic suspense story - and that is exactly what I got with Brody.  I loved Xan.  She was a fierce, strong woman - doing what was needed to keep her and her son safe from her ex.  Her son, Scott, was always her main concern - and she was a great mom.  And Brody, he was just the right amount of damaged - yet trying to make a better life for himself.  He tried his hardest to stay away from Xan, but the feelings and connection between these two was not to be denied.  Brody always tried to be as honest as he possibly could with Xan - even with the situation they were both in.
As with any suspense story - I don't want to give too much of the plot away - but I truly loved this book.  The relationship between Xan and Brody was scorching hot - and the story line had me guessing until almost the very end who was telling the truth and who wasn't - and how everyone was involved and what parts they all played.  I am so looking forward to see which sexy mechanic the next story will be about.

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