Friday, November 14, 2014

Fighting the Fall (Fighting #4) by J.B. Salsbury - @JBSalsbury

Fighting the Fall (Fighting, #4)
This series is one of those for me that I can’t wait for the next book out, can’t wait to devour the story, and then can’t wait until the next story is out so I can get more of the stories of all these awesome characters.  It’s a vicious cycle that I can’t help, but totally love.

I was waiting for Eve’s story so bad.  We’ve had bits of her from being Raven’s best friend and now we finally get the whole story, and truly get to see her.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to totally feel about her, but I fell in love with her strength, her honesty, her ability to still put herself out there and take a chance, and especially her ability to keep going on, even if it felt like she never got a break.

Cam I don’t even know where to begin with him.  I guess my best word to describe him is tortured.  He broke my heart, made me proud, made me fall in love with him and he even pissed me off a few times.  But, I have to say that with him, I got it.  I understood why he acted certain ways and did the things he did.

Both Eve and Cam have such damaged pasts, heavy baggage, that they both carry.  Their pain is a constant in their lives but they both handle it and carry it differently, but you can totally see how it has defined who they are right now.  They just need to get on the same page, and let them help each other heal and move forward.

I really could not put this book down.  There was a little angst, as things were not easy between Cam and Eve, but I still adored both of them.  This book also gives us a lot of great secondary characters.  Of course we get to see Jonah and Raven a little Blake and Layla but my favorites were definitely Ryder Cam’s son, and even Cam’s ex-wife will surprise how you feel about her in the end.  You’ll even fall in love with another special girl in Cam’s life.  Loved this story and how it all came together in the end!

Now, onto waiting for the next book.

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