Saturday, December 20, 2014

All I Want for Christmas (Christmas in New York #2) by Jennifer Gracen

All I Want for Christmas (Christmas in New York, #2)
 After a night out enjoying the tree lighting ceremony in NYC - Cassandra and her girlfriend decide to stop in a bar for a drink.  Never, ever did she imagine when she walked into the bar that she would be ordering a drink from the man who broke her heart over seven years ago.

Sean was just as shocked to see Cassie in his bar.  After their breakup, he never thought he'd run in to her again - it is a big city after all.  But seeing her again, stirs everything up, and he needs to talk to her, he wants to make things right, he wants to try again - he just has to finally really explain his reasons for breaking things off all those years ago.

Cassie is not sure about what she is feeling when she sees Sean again.  There's so much racing through her head - lots of good memories, and then the hurt and pain he caused her when he suddenly broke her heart and ended their relationship.  She's torn between listening to her head or her heart.

If you love a sexy, sweet talking Irish man, then you are going to love Sean.  I really could not get enough of him.  I really rooted for him the whole time he was trying to convince Cassie to give him another shot.  Cassie did not make it easy for him, he totally had "to work for it".  I totally saw where Cassie was coming from though, and understood her hesitation and fear.  I just wanted for her to give Sean a break so bad.  Luckily for me - it's Christmas.

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