Monday, December 30, 2013

Exquisite Betrayal by A.M. Hargrove

Exquisite Betrayal


A male Romance Author… a convention in Vegas… a female book blogger… a goal to lose her virginity… what next? Find out when you mix all the above!

Fallon McKinley is headed to Vegas for the Wicked Wenches Romance Con and losing her virginity is only one of her goals. The other is to meet her favorite author of romance novels, R.T. Sinclair. What she doesn’t realize is that the sexy green-eyed god she rams into at the airport is the real R.T. When they keep running into each other, she’s shocked, but excited, because the attraction is irresistible.

Ryland Thomas Sinclair doesn’t want anyone to know his true identity. He’s the author that all women love, but everyone thinks he’s a female. He hides his persona behind the public face of his twin sister, keeping his own a secret. But after meeting the lovely Fallon, his intentions to avoid a relationship come to a screeching halt. She’s put an unwanted kink into his perfectly laid out plans. His unusual reaction surprises him because after a heart-shredding breakup a few years ago, he’s managed to avoid women at all costs.

Resisting Fallon becomes more difficult than he imagines. Soon things are spiraling out of control, until a major miscommunication has Fallon walking out of his home and his life. Will Ryland Thomas succeed in losing the woman he loves? Or can he win her back?

I don't even know where to start with this review -
So I'll start with saying that the way that Fallon first met/ran into Ryland Thomas was classic - it made me laugh, and think - man, something like that would so happen to me!  And, of course she would run into him again - this time with a little more sparks flying.  One thing leads to another and they end up in his hotel room - and then....
Let me just say - I don't think there has been another book where I wanted to reach in to the book and grab a guy - this being Ryland Thomas - and back slap him a couple of times.  Yeah, I know he was hurt from a previous relationship, but OMG - he just totally freaked on Fallon more than once - and my heart just broke for her.
 - understatement from R.T.
But in all of this - Fallon was amazing.  This girl had a rotten mother to say the least - and she struggled in life, just making it day to day - but she had spunk and never gave up.  She kept moving forward, even with all the smack downs she got - and the thing that made me most proud is that she didn't go after Ryland Thomas.  She stood her ground and let him come to her. 

But their story continues as she learns the truth about who he is, and who his twin sister really is - she keeps their secret and their relationship grows and develops.  But, when the truth comes out to the public about Ryland Thomas - there are misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and betrayals. 
 This book had me crazy at times, wishing Fallon and Ryland Thomas would work things out - and then other times, thinking she can do so much better!  I have to say there were definitely redeeming moments for Ryland Thomas, as he finally grew up in regards to his relationship with Fallon.  This book will definitely have your emotions all over the place - I'd like to know what you think of Ryland Thomas!





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