Friday, December 20, 2013

The Redhead Plays Her Hand by Alice Clayton

The Redhead Plays Her Hand (Redhead, #3)


I love this "Redhead" series. I enjoyed the relationship Jack and Grace share together through these three books - they were very playful with each other and seemed to have fun together despite the issues they faced denying they were actually a couple.
In this book though I have to be honest  - I was surprised that Grace sometimes put up with some of Jack's crap. I know she was trying to let him finally get to act like his age - but, he pushed it more than ever. I know I would have had a fit about some of his actions.


Grace had so much to deal with in this book.  As her new series was about to premier she was expected to lose additional weight and the paparazzi were relentless in hounding her about her weight, age, and possible relationship with Jack.  Then she had to start worrying about Jack, and his partying with his new co-star, Adam, from his latest movie deal.

"I know I've been saying this a lot lately, but it's not sinking in. Just be careful, okay?"

"I will Grace. I will. Now about sinking in?"

Grace showed her class in dealing with every aspect in her life during this book.  She stood up for what she wanted and believed in.  While this might have not been my favorite of the series - it was definitely a great conclusion to the series.  I loved all the humor between Sweet Nuts and Crazy - and all of their friends.  Definitely a must read series!

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