Friday, December 27, 2013

Somebody's Angel (Rescue Me #5) by Kallypso Masters

Somebody's Angel (Rescue Me, #5)
I love this series so much - and I have to say that I think that this book is definitely my favorite in this series.  Marc and Angelina were so amazing together, and my heart broke so many times as their relationship faced so many bumps and blows, that I wasn't sure they could ever overcome.  Trust issues between both of them, along with memories of Marc's childhood seemed to bombard them from all sides.  Marc really proved himself by what he did to fight his demons - and they both proved to each other, that they were always both there for each other all along.
But this story wasn't all about them - we got to enjoy Karla and Adams relationship and pregnancy some more, along with Damian, Savi and Marisol, Grant also had her appearance - and lets not forget Luke and Cassie.  I loved being able to delve into their lives again during this book.  Let me just say - that I cannot wait until the next book and we finally find out more about Cassie and Luke - please hurry and get that one out soon Ms. Masters!!

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  1. nice review Steph....I can’t wait to read!!! I love Mr Macho Italian Marco!!!