Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hearts in Harmony (Five Senses #2) by Gemma Brocato

Hearts In Harmony (Five Senses, #2)
I went into this book really not knowing what to expect, especially since this was only the second book written by this author, and let me tell you I have to say I was extremely glad I took the chance and read Hearts in Harmony.
Pippa is a widow with six year old twins, Mason and Mia.  She became a widow when her husband was killed in the military while she was just a few months pregnant with the twins.  Her life has been consumed with taking care of her children and putting them first.
Clay comes to town every year before Christmas to help his mom with her Christmas tree farm during the busy season.  His job as a novelist and security consultant for the government makes his traveling easy, since he can work from any location.  This year though, he's been in town longer because his mom suffered a stroke during the summer - and he is staying in town until she recuperates and can move back home.

They first meet under less than favorable circumstances in a cemetary - and let me say that Clay was not exactly a "smooth talker" during his first couple of conversations with Pippa.  Actually, I was shocked she just didn't give him a good smack - or kick in the shin!
Their lives suddenly start to intermingle more - and the attraction and sparks can't be denied between the two of them.  Both have their own issues for not getting involved in a relationship - but these two are drawn together.

I loved the way that Clay was with Pippa's children - he truly enjoyed spending time with them and doing things with them - it wasn't just a ploy to get to their mother.  I love a big, strong sexy man showing his gentle side with kids.  Clay was so protective of all them - and he was starting to doubt whether he would be able to leave town again when his mom got healthy. 
Honestly there is so much to love in this book.  The military storyline with a little suspense, the different relationships between Clay and Pippa, her kids, and his mother, the mother who struggles raising her children alone-deciding when to start living again after the death of a spouse, and even how music therapy can help stroke patients.  This book kept me wrapped in it the entire time.  I haven't read the first book in the series, but definitely plan to go back and read that, and look forward to more from this author.

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