Thursday, May 8, 2014

Reprisal by Christa Lynn

Reprisal - A Dark, Erotic Thriller
Romantic Suspense stories are truly my favorite type of books even if I don't get to read them much - and this book had me in it's grips from the beginning.  It was so hard to put down - I seriously considered calling off of work so I could get the pleasure of finishing it sooner.  
Sydney is one of the strongest women you will ever meet.  After everything she endured as a teenager, it was truly inspiring how she rose above her pain and memories to help others that endured the same type of trauma.
Then there is Gabe, the sexy hot detective that catches Sydney's eye in a bar.  Little did they both know that they would be working together on a case that could potentially break Sydney.  Once Gabe sees Sydney again at the police station, he knows he has to have her - the attraction is undeniable, even Sydney has a hard time denying it.  But there's so much Gabe doesn't know about her past - and the new case is going to thrust Syndey into another nightmare.  This time though, Gabe will be there to protect her, at least he hopes to be.
Before you read this book, definitely take into mind the reader warning about violence and strong sexual situations.  I personally felt all descriptions of Syndey's past abuse were handled as delicately as they could be, without going into too much detail.  I don't want to give much of the story away, but if you are in need a smokin' romantic suspense then this book is definitely for you.  Gabe and Syndey were hot together and the story line will keep you guessing until the end.

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